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Britt Robson & David Brauer

May 27, 2016

A Britt-less Brauer about teaching kids, teaching teachers ... and teaching Minnesota Twins.

With Britt in Seattle, Brauer talks with Tom Cody, legendary Cretin-Derham math teacher and member of the Ballpark Tours College of Cardinals, and coach of the 1999 Minnesota Girls Basketball State Champion Raiders (not Lady...

May 22, 2016

Beerless, 97% Twolves episode:

- A classless way to fire classy people ... who are disproportionately minority.

- 5th pick secured: Draft (who?) or trade (who?)

- Playoff predictions: Golden State-OKC analysis

- A wee bit of STFU to our very special political friends

As always, find us at @britt_brauer, @dbrauer,...

May 13, 2016

- The boys are less than confident #ItsGonnaBeHillary vs Trump (first 30 minutes)

- Britt assesses the (probable) end of the San Antonio Spurs' era while David confesses his crush on OKC's Steven Adams

- Doing the math on the May 17 NBA draft lottery pick

- Fire Terry Ryan, sure, but what next for the Minnesota Twins?

May 3, 2016

36 minutes of non-Wolves followed by 45 minutes ofbasketball, including:

- Brauer's tweets get people jobs! (Sort of.)

- Why business coverage of sports sucks.

- The NBA playoffs: Is Brad Stevens over-rated?

- Kevin Durant to the Minnesota Timberwolves: more than a pipedream?