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Britt Robson & David Brauer

Mar 26, 2017

First hour: An anonymous source feeds us Timberwolves defensive stats and we survey how the wreckage affects next season

Second hour: Brauer luxuriates in Paul Ryan's health care defeat & drags Erik Paulsen; Britt pronounces a former Congressman incorrectly dead and thinks the American people are stupid.

Please note: no...

Mar 13, 2017

First hour:

- How Britt got started on the Timberwolves beat (with an assist from Brauer)

- How Brauer got fired that one time

- Winning! Twolves beat Clips, Warriors & realistic playoff run-down

Second half-hour:

- Brauer rails about the Minneapolis mayor's race and restaurant writers

- Britt rails about the GOP Health...

Mar 4, 2017

Britt & David enjoy the Timberwolves' post-All-Star-game surge, and explain what changes have led to winning.

First 30 or so minutes:

- Greg Maddux or Dave Winfield: who gets this episode's numerical honors

- David Halberstam and why you should read him

- Britt's role in nearly getting 1980 Presidential candidate Barry...