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Britt Robson & David Brauer

Feb 5, 2017

First 45 minutes: debriefing Britt on his two-part MinnPost interview with Wolves coach Tom Thibodeau interview

Second 40 minutes: political rays of hope, the fiduciary rule (party on, Garth!), and bickering over California's tax protest.

(Note: This was recorded literally minutes before the Wolves announced Zach LaVine's season-ending ACL injury. It doesn't really affect anything we talked about on the podcast, but ... #timing.)

Find us at @britt_brauer, @brittrobson, @dbrauer -- comments welcome any time.

two and a half years ago

A)Do you guys not talk hockey because do not like hockey, or know nothing about the sport, and...
B)Do you plan on talking Twins baseball?

Love the show, great work. Gotta keep it once a week!