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Britt Robson & David Brauer

Feb 13, 2017

Our first pod recorded ON LOCATION at Icehouse on Eat Street Minneapolis!

First 33 minutes: Oscar (TM) talk; Brauer's seen 8 of 9 best pics & Britt's seen 4. They're each rooting for the same movie to win, but disagree on "Arrival." Also, Brauer's August Wilson confession.

Last 40 minutes: Somehow, the Timberwolves' Lance Stephenson signing morphs into a discussion about whether you'd kill your family to get rid of evil in the world. (No, we weren't drunk.) Also, the Wolves' great win over Toronto, their terrible loss to New Orleans, and their exhibition victory over the Bulls.

As always, @britt_brauer, @dbrauer, @brittrobson. Let us know about sound quality or anything else you care to, and thanks for listening!

Jason Jungbluth
over two years ago

I'm starting to learn a lot more about the all around game from your podcast. Keep it up! Any chance you can talk in the next podcast about why some in the national media/former players seem to undervalue all-around game? With all the Rubio/D-Rose trade talk I was surprised with all of the praise for D-Rose and Rubio hate. Lastly, thanks for all of the jazz talk. If I ever finish up my music degree I think my final paper will be on an oral history of the Minnesota jazz scene. If only I could find someone that was around when Lester Young was here.