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Britt Robson & David Brauer

Dec 28, 2016

In our last 2016 episode, one of our sparkier reviews of the Timberwolves' season thus far. Good synthesis on Wiggins v LaVine, Thibs as coach, making peace with playoff-less season, hopes/challenges.

At the 1:05 mark, we chew over the Gopher football aftermath: do sportswriters intentionally balance the scales, were...

Dec 17, 2016

Two main topics:

- The Timberwolves win over the Bulls, and what it portends.

- The Gopher football team's absurd boycott & whether the U should drop football.

Also, Brauer's racist dog & Britt's Houston Rockets hate. 

As always, @Britt_brauer, @dbrauer, @brittrobson. We'll be back after Christmas.

Dec 11, 2016

As the Timberwolves sink, how much blame does Coach Thibodeau deserve? And how much do we deserve for screwing up Tony Conigliaro's number last week?

- Britt discusses trade scenarios and whether it's even wise.

- Breaking down Thibs' strategies & stubbornness 

- How Thibs slips Britt's questions.

- Lies & lying liars...

Dec 3, 2016

No Trump talk this week! 

We suggest a place for the Sid Hartman statue

We criticize a dead guy to talk about traditionalism in sports

We DO talk about the Timberwolves, their obvious failures and how it may or may not alter the long view.

Thanks for listening, find us at @brittrobson,...

Nov 25, 2016

Breaking down the Timberwolves' horrid start; getting off the mat versus Trump, and a special guest appearance so special the guess doesn't even know about the appearance ...

- Trade Rubio?

- Towns' hero ball and the Three 21-Year-Old factor

- Thibs' culpability

- Britt's once-in-lifetime Adrien Payne celebration