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Britt Robson & David Brauer

Apr 23, 2016

A week of elation and devastation, as the guys discuss:

- Prince's death (first 31 minutes)

- Tom Thibodeau's hiring as president/coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves (last hour)

- Also: being a Type A person in a Type B place, and a really bad place to drop acid. 

Apr 17, 2016

In our first episode drinking beer (Badger Hill!), David Brauer & Britt Robson discuss:

- Thibodeau, Van Gundy, Brooks, or Joerger?

- How the Sam Mitchell axing went down

- Britt apologizes (but not to Sam Mitchell!)

- Towns & Wiggins ... Batman & Robin?

- and other tomfoolery

Apr 10, 2016

- Luxuriating in the Timberwolves' winning streak

- Sam Mitchell status update

- Mr. Hinkie, the Sixers' Poo

- Food for thought: the fine line between kiss-ass and jerk-off. (Non-Wolves content! About an hour into the show.)

- A very special R.T. Rybak invitation

Apr 4, 2016

After a tragic kiln fire that devoured episode 2, the guys discuss:

- Why Minneapolis refuses to burn.

- Tom Waits on Thelonious Monk.

- Husker Du vs The Replacements, and why the truth can be slapstick.

- Britt explains jazz to Brauer, first in a series.

- Timberwolves free agent hunting, and memories of Jack McCloskey.