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Britt Robson & David Brauer

Jun 30, 2016

Sports, media and subtweeting!

- Chewing through the Wolves' free agent possibilites, lusting for Horford

- Britt defends Jim Souhan even while subtweeting him (around 55 minutes in)

- Brauer explains why he ducked Bob Sansevere's podcast invite (1:03)

- What makes a good sports columnist and what obstacles...

Jun 24, 2016

- Afternoon-after draft analysis: the Timberwolves take Dunn, will they also keep Rubio?

- Sports columnist hypocrisy and the curse of one-sentence paragraphs

- Shirtlessness & profanity in Cleveland


All in all, a pretty fun deal. Hope you listen.


Jun 20, 2016

- A million LeBron hot takes cry out in terror and are extinguished by his greatness. And even if Kevin Love is flawed & traded, appreciating his success. (38 minutes)

- A defense of free-agent fandom and why resentful die-hards are doing it wrong (20 minutes)

- Plus draft talk, the rise of the pick-and-roll, hating...

Jun 12, 2016

Britt returns and we chew through:

- The NBA Finals

- Trading Kevin Love

- Brauer's fear of Nirvana, and

- Britt's Joe Mauer rant

As always, we're at @britt_brauer, @dbrauer, @brittrobson on Twitter.